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My name is Dil Green, and I'm using this tool / the linked content it builds to document and archive my explorations, reactions, discoveries and writings around a range of topics broadly related to humanity's shift into cultural modes influenced by digital technology, considered as a fundamental cultural shift that is required for us to get through the imminent existential bottleneck that is Climate Change.

My over-arching concern is the necessity for us humans to radically overhaul our culture to achieve a fundamental shift towards sustainability, which only seems credible on the basis of a quantum leap in consciousness and capacity for collective intelligence and collaboration.

Utopia or Oblivion, as Buckminster Fuller suggested 50 years ago. Let's hope we aren't too late...

In the broadest terms, the route to Utopia starts right here, right now, with what we have.

And what we have is a world structurally conditioned by a raft of deeply unhelpful but deeply ingrained ideas - about power, about scarcity, about human nature, about ethics, about decision-making, about economics, about simplicity and complexity ...

We also have a 'clear and present danger', to whit, Climate Change, about which even the best and brightest seem confused and divided, with some inclined to view it as at bottom an awkward but tractable engineering problem which will be technically resolved, while others view it as a deeply systemic problem that will require of us that we radically overhaul almost everything about our civilisation.

Perhaps I don't need to say that I am firmly of the latter persuasion.

In no particular order, the topics I pursue in relation to this are: - Artificial Intelligence - The decentralised web - Digital currencies - Tools enabling Exponentially Human capacities; - Pattern Language approaches - Systems Thinking and Complexity - Ethics - Decision/Argument/Topic Visualisation/Discovery - Collaboration - Autonomy - Governance PROJECTS I'm working on / with include: - [Digital Anthropology blog](https://digital-anthropology.me/) - [Project for a Progressive Ethics](http://progressiveethicsproject.org) - [Therapy-Smarter](http://www.therapy-smarter.com) - an app for Physiotherapists - [DadaMac](www.dadamac.org) - a P2P International Development platform - [darVOZ](http://www.darvoz.org) - a media and event collective for digital commons activities of all kinds - [Platform.Earth](http://www.platfrom.earth) - a microservices platform for the Commons, one plank of which is this Federated Wiki tool and developments therefrom

This being a wiki, it's a permanent WIP, so some links will lead you to pages I haven't written yet

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wiki is great for data. You can curate, or gather data from other peoples sites, or import your own data.

On this site we collect links, code and ideas about how we can visualise and navigate graphs.

Here we write about democratic practice. In particular such things as deliberative democracy, facilitation and liquid democracy

Bruno Latour is the philosopher behind the title of this wiki. Here I collect philosophical ideas and writings from across the federation.

My name is David Bovill, and I'm a long term advocator and experimenter with Liquid Democracy. My nickname (and handle on twitter) is @fortyfoxes .

My Action Research (@orford ) focuses on transitions in society that are causally linked to innovation. Andrew Invents.

David Bovill suggested an idea for podcast listeners to meet like a book club. This would combine a book-club style format (sociable and informal) with groupwork and peer mentoring for annotating notes about episodes in federated wiki.

This page shows all my recent changes across all my sites. You can also see All David's Activity and the older David's Recent Changes pages:

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